Monday, April 15, 2013


Like oceanic tides, your emotions (feelings) are going to roll endlessly onto your mental shore. The insight, the wisdom lies in understanding that they will change. In fact, no matter how you exert your will, you are powerless to keep them static. Till now you have allowed people, places and things to steer your emotional equilibrium. It is time to review the benefits of such a course. Why do we allow others to dictate how we feel?

One of the reasons is we care about them. Our spouse or life-mate leaves us. Perhaps our closest friend or sibling lies about us. A co-worker sabotages us. A parent abandons us. The list is endless; and that is the point! Every situation is fraught with possibilities of betrayal, disappointment, despair. Every situation can also hold the epiphany of trust, joy, love. If you decide that you know how Life is going to unfold, I am here to tell you, you are wrong. And forgive me for being blunt but, in the case of suicides, dead wrong.

Give Life a chance. Its like watching the ocean. One day there isn't anything but 1 foot rollers. The sea is calm. Its boring. Every wave seems the same. The next day (or week) the waves are 6-8 feet high. They are creating beautiful troughs, foam spraying every which way as they crash down to bubble, dip, rip, gyrate and surge towards the shoreline. Life, like your emotional state, is going to change. I guarantee it. That being said, and knowing things WILL much importance should we place on how we feel this very moment?

Honor yourself. Acknowledge the legitimacy of your feelings. Observe and allow for how you feel. Then go about your business. Set your emotion(s) aside knowing you can come back to it at your leisure. What, in this moment of time and space, do you need to realize you are whole and complete? Can you even view yourself in such a way? If so, do what needs to be done! If you can't, to plagiarize a line from the movie Casablanca, this looks to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Let it go! Whatever you are going through, let it go. A new moment awaits, beckons. Let your being be saturated with it, in it. Anything and everything you need to do or be will reveal itself. Your responsibility is creating space for it. If you are fixated or obsessed it will pass you by. Will it come back round again? Yes, but why wait? Aren't you ready for a new life, a new beginning? Isn't that exactly what you have been praying for? Then by all means, lets begin...

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