Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gift Return

I am not so simple to believe you will view all experiences as a gift. Not by a long shot. I honor your initial response for any particular event up to and including rage/hate. (There isn't a lot to be said for suppressing emotions) What I do ask from you is while you rage or hate, don't turn a blind eye to the gifts you do currently enjoy. Don't act as though the roof over your head or the food on your table are of no consequence. (just try going without them for a couple days) Exert yourself in times of trial remembering that, as bad as things may be, you are not without gifts of some sort or another. If we are honest, as bad as things may be, we are usually able to employ or recruit some resource(s) to help alleviate the emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual hell that has descended upon us. 

While any particular situation holds the power to devastate us, it is essential to maintain a reality of that event only being part of our "experience." Again, being honest, there is no rational reason for you to believe of the 7 billion people on the planet, you are somehow exempt from "toil and trouble." That being the case, what we understand is that which we cant eliminate, we mitigate. And the way we mitigate any negative experience is viewing it as a gift. 

Yes, yes, yes, I know. You don't want the particular "gift" you've received. "Return to Sender!," you scream. And you curse God, the devil, and the deep blue sea; "FUCK IT! What did I do to deserve this!," is your mantra. And I get it. I truly do. But as true as that sentiment may be, what I ask of you is to nurture and promote a neural network capable of absorbing the shock of an experience without spinning off into drugs, alcohol, or destructive behavior. And G-G-G is the way to develop that neural network.

The main point I wish to emphasis is your initial response to any given experience doesn't have to be that it is a gift. Only that you consider cultivating the mental dexterity that allows for a day where you may view it as a gift. That will be enough. 

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