Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Confined to Quarters

I have been under a self-imposed timeout. The (never ending) political season sometimes gets the best of me. Violating the first of the 10 Suggestions (Thou shall relax. I've got things covered.) often leads to self-examination; do I sit back or act? Is this a case of John Dewey's quote being applicable, (Men have never fully used the powers they possess to advance the good in life because they have waited upon some power external to themselves, and to nature, to do the work they are responsible for doing.) or is it a case of simply watching sanity unspool? Do I need to describe the political dynamic in my country that so offends me? That is the antithesis of who I am and what I stand for?

I am still unsure. The larger issue is why I concern myself. The easy answer is, I care. But at the fundamental core of my being, aren't I demonstrating an unwillingness to accept a possible election outcome? That one party's candidate is so offensive to me that I find myself actively opposing him on social media? And using ridicule and disbelief to counter the opinion of others? (although in fairness, linking the opinion and facts I am sharing) I am not sure this is the best reflection of me. Nor do I believe that it brings out the "better angels of our (my) nature."

There is this as well: If I saw a rape in progress, I would immediately do what I could to stop it. There wouldn't be any introspection of motives or a course of action. I wouldn't be waiting to see a manifestation of God in the event. I would view the situation as evidence of an absence of God. A spiritual void where God needed to be infused. And how self-righteous is that point of view? Even if, in this hypothetical situation, you could support my self-righteousness, is it fair to equate the damage done to an individual being raped with the societal repercussions of a demagogue's political position? Isn't that a false comparison?

Ultimately, we do what we do. And being fair to the situation, as well as ourselves, we must keep this in mind: "Genuine confidence doesn't say, Oh well, to bad this won't work out, but I'm reconciled to the idea. Instead of that, it maintains, what seems a poor shot still hit the bulls eye." (That Man Is You ~Louis Evely) And the sole way to come to that confidence is by trusting ourselves.

(I kid you not, yesterday a "fifth" country came aboard. However, I don't want to get on that merry-go-round again. I will post about it later in the week)

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