Tuesday, September 20, 2016

La Vida es Sueno

The following excerpt is from a lecture by James Russell Lowell given at the Working Men's College in London. (circa 1885) All emphasis is mine.

"There is a moral in Don Quixote, and a very profound one, whether Cervantes consciously put it there or not, and it is this: that whoever quarrels with the Nature of Things, wittingly or unwittingly, is certain to get the worst of it. The great difficulty lies in finding out what the Nature of things really and perdurably is, and the great wisdom, after we have made this discovery, or persuaded ourselves we have made it, is in accommodating our lives and actions to it as best we may or can."

I would wish you the best of it, not the worst. That is the intent of G-G-G. To 'accommodate our lives and actions' is to perceive Life as a gift. To be grateful is to employ a spiritual alchemy where we circumvent the cynicism and nihilism currently infecting the West. God is 'finding out what the Nature of things really and perdurably (permanently) is.' This is how we influence life. This is how the dreamer awakens.

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