Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ahlan wa Sahlaw

The welcome I extend is to the first visitor from the United Arab Emirate. (first new country since the Bahama's on 7-20-15) The UAE consists of 7 emirates with Abu Dhabi serving as the capital. It is an Islamic country who's official language is Arabic. Interestingly, immigrants outnumber nationals by a 9 to 1 ratio. I am curious if the visitor is an actual Emirati, or an ex-patriot currently residing in the UAE. I had a former teammate from Troy High School (Brian Lester) who once lived there for some time, coaching a basketball team in Dubai. Still, I know so very little of the country, I would be grateful if the unknown guest would take time to post a comment and tell us about themselves, how they found this blog, and anything permissible to share (it seems wise, given the circumstances, to be discreet on social media). Maa salama!

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