Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fourth Quarter

As luck would have it, Faith suddenly appeared and strolled into the clearing. With a pleasant smile she greeted both Wonder and Virtue and stated, "Heard Wonder is experiencing some confusion."

This caused Vi to break out in laughter. "Might just be the person trying to explain it to him, Faith."

Wonder shook his head and piped up, "No, it's true. I don't understand. Everyone seems to have different ideas of what God is, or how we should act, and what to believe. How am I suppose to know which one is right?"

"Believe in the process Wonder." With that she winked at Vi and continued on her way, whichever way that was. Faith like to find her own path. 

Wonder's glance at Vi was dejected. "I don't know what the process is, Vi."

Virtue studied him for a time before saying, "Wonder, do you know the men of science say that there has never, ever, been two snowflakes alike? In all the snowstorms, in all the world, since time began, no two snowflakes have been identical. Does that seem possible?"

Wonder shook his head slowly. It seemed preposterous.

"And what happens when thousands upon thousands of snowflakes fall in a specific location?"

Finally! Something he knew. "Snow, Vi."

"Indeed! The uniqueness of the individual snowflake is lost--it becomes homogeneous. It loses itself in something larger, and, some would say, greater. But that isn't the end Wonder, not by a long shot. Most snow eventually melts and becomes water. It soaks the soil to nourish verdure, or finds a stream to slake a thirst, or seeks solace in the anonymity of the ocean. Wherever it goes though, evaporation and transpiration take place--or sublimation if it hasn't melted--and it will, eventually, find itself lifted skyward to form a cloud. Guess what happens then Wonder? The PROCESS starts all over again! Be it snow, rain, dew, or fog."

"To what purpose, Vi? Why?"

"Look around, Wonder, and ask yourself, 'why not?' God wants you to know Him. She didn't think that possible without revealing Herself."

"Vi, how can God be a He and a She?"

"Wonder, God isn't a He, a She, or an It. God transcends gender. God is nothing--no 'thing.' God is everything. Every Thing! And the urge, the impulse, the desire to experience, is what God is up to. Or down for, as the case may be."

Just then Doubt crept in...

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