Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suggestion Box

On June 11th I posted Back to the Basics and started a series of posts designed to illustrate the dynamics of how our brain works and responds to sound. (language) I then offered three ways of reacting to events (breathe/acceptance/gratitude) that are the most accessible/effective methods available to us that enhance our well-being. I linked all my suggestions to scientific evidence. At our current level of scientific understanding everything I have presented is indisputable.

I also snuck in a post (We Are Alive--and isn't Marie Digby amazing?) that spoke directly to your attitude toward being "alive." I proposed that if astonishment (astonish: to fill with sudden wonder or great surprise) wasn't part of your outlook, you might consider a course correction. The fact is, there is no cognitive rationale for you even being here.


The tacit message was life is a gift. Your inability or reluctance to experience it as such might be an insight as to what issues you need to address. Or not. You are always the determining factor. If you don't "buy in," nothing occurs. You continue with your life as it was. I would ask one question though; how is that working for you?

So, if you're still reading, I will presume that we have an agreement: you see life as a gift you can be grateful for. These last few days I will present what evidence I have for God being the final part of the equation.

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