Thursday, May 2, 2013

In the Beginning

The first half of my junior year in high school I was trying to impress a young lady by the name of Sherri Lusk. Somehow or another, in my efforts to woo her, I told her I wrote poetry. She naturally asked me to write one for her. The next morning I was busy in the library plagiarizing a poem when my friend Greg Bock came up and asked what I was doing. I told him. His reaction was complete disgust and he didn't believe I would actually go through with it. I did...and got the response I was hoping for. Unfortunately Greg wouldn't let it go. He rode me all day until I got so sick of listening to him I told him I would tell Sherri. Which I did. Her facial reaction and the look in her eyes told me I had made a HUGE mistake. I had betrayed a basic trust. I went home that night and actually did write my very first poem.

To live each day to the fullest
May be life's greatest test
For how many have forgotten
To stop each day and rest

Pausing for a moment
To thank the One above
For rolling hills and billowy clouds
And a special one we love

To thank him for the little things
We overlook each day
Too busy even to say hello
To the brand new month of May

Life goes by too quickly
For any misty eyes
It's only when you look around
You find where happiness lies

It's in the sweetness that you breathe
Below you and above
Surrounding you wherever
You look with eyes of love

So stop today and think
How foolish to be blue
Many days are brightened
By a simple "I love you"

Going about my business yesterday, I realized I hadn't said hello "to the brand new month of May." Obviously that brought the poem to mind. More-so, it gave me a glimpse down the corridor of time. That poem, written 44 years ago, is the essence of Gift-Gratitude-God. Which, when I think about it, boggles my mind.

PS It worked out as well as could be expected for two teenagers. Sherri forgave me and we dated for awhile.

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