Saturday, April 13, 2013


Prayer is a poem you utter to Life. Little else reveals so unerringly who and what you are. That which fills your prayers bares your soul. Are your prayers supplications? Litanies? Tirades? Are they guilt-ridden? Judgmental? Self-righteous? Nothing stirs the Creators heart quite as much as truth, save love. Therefore, let your prayers be loving truth. An honest accounting that you don't know everything, but are learning. That your actions have not all been exemplary, but you are trying. That the world can be overwhelming...and if you didn't cling to some paltry, inconsequential tenet, you fear you'd fly off the face of the planet. In spite of that terror, however, you wish to be penetrated; pierced to the core of your being by your own authenticity. I say to you if your invocations bear similarities, you have no need of prayer. Your very life is one.

Book of Padrac: Section 2 Discourse 11

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