Monday, January 27, 2020

As Above below. As the universe, so the soul.

If this is true, then heaven is in a pretty sad state.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


So it begins. Bill Taylor has started his testimony and I am reminded of Isaiah 40:1; "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people..."

The exposure of Trumps' duplicity will now become a matter of public record. I take great comfort in that fact.

Monday, October 21, 2019

He Vexes Me

Little doubt the long shadow of Trump has caused the 4 month plus gap in posting. I didn't want the blog to become political and so much of what dominates my country is purely political. The gifts associated with this man tend to be comparative--akin to saying, "well things are bad but at least I don't have cancer." While true, it has always been my desire to be more sophisticated and nuanced than that. I do believe Americans are far more aware that the institutions that we've taken for granted are vulnerable in ways never thought possible, and that they serve a purpose vital to the nations sense of purpose and order.

Trump has also exposed a significant portion of Americans being deeply troubled. Soul sick. Oblivious of their own obstinate behavior. They remind me of members of Jim Jones' Peoples Temple or L.Ron Hubbards' Scientoligists; they have purposely and willfully divorced themselves from reality.

The last order of business is my self-inflicted identification of visits from different countries to my web site. If I had only known what I was getting myself into! It has become so cumbersome that I want to "look the other way." Ignore it. But Gambia came aboard this morning and it resembles nothing more than a finger stuck in to Senegal's side that, metaphorically, it was like God poking me in the gut. Rationally, there is no reason for Gambia's geographical existence--yet there it is! So to with my roster of countries.

As a review, I noted Equatorial Guinea, Mongolia, and Puerto Rico had brought the number up to a nice, round 100 in the post, "One Hundred 1-12-19." However, they weren't officially brought "on board" in the grand scheme of things; see, "Housekeeping 11-10-18." (note my tendency to start shirking?) So with that caveat, I will bring all things up to date--with a nod to some overlapping.

NEWCOMERS: Equatorial Guinea 12-7-18 Mongolia 1-19-18 Puerto Rico 1-11-19 Palestine 3-19-19 Nicaragua 3-20-19 Malta 3-27-19 Bangladesh 3-29-19 (rather astonishing run there of 4 countries in ten days) Azerbaijan 4-11-19 Paraguay 5-3-19 Kosovo 6-21-19 Lebanon 7-3-19 Bosnia-Herzegovina 8-5-19 Morocco 10-15-19 Gambia 10-21-19

Albania--Algeria--Angora--Argentina--Armenia--Australia--Austria--AZERBAIJAN--Bahamas--BANGLADESH--Belarus--Belgium--Brazil--Bolivia--BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA--Bulgaria--Cambodia--Canada--Chile--China--Costa Rica--Columbia--Czech Republic--Denmark--Ecuador--Egypt--El Salvador--EQUATORIAL GUINEA--Estonia--Faroe Islands--Finland--France--GAMBIA--Georgia--Germany--Ghana--Greece--Guatemala--Honduras--Hong Kong--Hungary--India--Indonesia--Iraq--Ireland--Italy--Israel--Jamaica--Japan--Kazakhstan--Kenya--KOSOVO--Kuwait--Kyrgyzstan--Latvia--LEBANON--Lithuania--Luxembourg--Macedonia--Malaysia--MALTA--Mexico--Moldova--MONGOLIA--Montenegro--MOROCCO--Netherlands--New Zealand--NICARAGUA--Nigeria--Norway--Pakistan--PALESTINE--Panama--PARAGUAY--Peru--Philippines--Poland--Portugal--PUERTO RICO--Qatar--Romania--Russia--Saudi Arabia--Serbia--Seychelles--Singapore--Slovakia--Slovenia--Spain--South Africa--South Korea--Sweden--Suriname--Switzerland--Taiwan--Tanzania--Thailand--Trinidad and Tobago--Tunisia--Turkmenistan--Turkey--Ukraine--United Arab Emirate--United Kingdom--United States--Unknown Region--Venezuela--Vietnam--Zambia--Zimbabwe.

That brings the count to 111. If you are a fan of numerology, you just cant miss how appropriate this post has suddenly revealed itself to be. So that's what Gambia was all about! Sometimes you just have to say, "WOW!"

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Yetzer Hara

"The inclination toward evil." This is the dynamic my country currently operates under, spearheaded by our President. We must resist this tendency. We do so by identifying the impulse. By naming it, we limit its power and influence. Until you can describe what it is that you are experiencing, you exert zero control over it. You cannot correct a problem until you have identified the problem. And so I bring you, "yetzer hara." 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Amos 5:13

And that time is nearly up. The symbolic strike the event at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris represents is hard to ignore. The name and what it represents in my life can not be misinterpreted. One can go back to 'Wake up the Echoes' (10-28-12) or 'Sand, Sunni's, and Couscous,' (7-17-16) to pick up the subtle significance that leaked out over the years. The call is clear, regardless of the possible politicization of the blog. Evil must be confronted wherever it appears.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

One Hundred

I mentioned in Housekeeping (11-10-18) that the blog had reached 97 different countries. Yesterday it hit 100. (Equatorial Guinea 12-7-18, Mongolia 1-1-19, Puerto Rico 1-11-19) I was surprised it happened as quickly as it did. I took some satisfaction in the accomplishment, albeit tempered, when I researched how many countries do exist. The number is 196. (Taiwan is a matter of some debate, but since it is on my list, I have included it) There are other lists that have the number at 256, but include "countries" like Bouvet Island. No one lives on Bouvet Island. Located in the South Atlantic, "the nearest human life resides thousands of miles away, making Bouvet Island the most remote on the planet." Given that, (and other similar examples) it seems reasonable to settle at 196.

What does it all mean? Not much. It is simply acknowledging a milestone. But that carries more significance than you realize. I know I "turn on" my dopamine when I achieve a goal and see my efforts rewarded. Since dopamine contributes to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, I have given myself a gift in my acknowledgement. Dopamine is also a neurotransmitter, a chemical that ferries information between neurons. It is part of the "neural network" development inherent in G-G-G that I referenced in Gift Return. (1-3-19) Last, but certainly not least, is what's known as "capitalization." (the social sharing of positive events. Langston University 1994) Conoley, Vasquez, Bello, Oromendia, and Jeske more recent study (Celebrating the Accomplishments of Others: Mutual Benefits of Capitalization 2015) has examined the positive effects available to YOU as just a listener.(in your case, reader) So, not only have I given myself a gift in "One Hundred," I have extended one to you as well. It is the intrinsic nature of G-G-G that it operate in just that way.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Picture Perfect

For the rest of January I ask you consider employing the "perfect" technique. What it involves is you thinking (or even saying out loud) "perfect" when you accomplish something. Let me provide some examples: you stumble out of bed and immediately pour yourself a cup of coffee. Perfect. (automated, preset coffee maker!) You finish brushing your teeth. Perfect. Turning the key in the ignition, your car starts. Perfect. You arrive at work without being rear ended or experiencing a fender bender. Perfect. Don't have to stop at the store on the way home? Perfect. Do have to stop? Perfect. (you remembered) Kids and spouse (pet) alive as you walk in the door? Perfect. Food to eat, TV to watch, radio to listen to, Internet to peruse, book to read? Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Let me be clear. Excellence does not require perfection. I am not suggesting you become a perfectionist. What I am recommending is you develop the capacity that allows for the possibility of perfection already being at work in your life. And let me just add I want you to be honest with yourself. If something goes sideways or heads south, be candid in your assessment; 'that was perfectly awful.'

If you can manage this until the end of the month you will establish a routine. This method then becomes a tool you can utilize in crafting more of your experience into gifts. (spiritual alchemy) Gifts trigger a natural reaction of gratitude. The habit becomes self-perpetuating.

Try it. (what have you got to lose?) If it seems preposterous you need not share it or declare it. It will be your little secret. If you forget for a day or two, no worries. Just remember that, as in all things, "practice makes perfect!"