Monday, December 31, 2018


In "Upward Spiral" (12-7-18) gratitude was identified as integral to your well-being. It is a fact. Research to your hearts content and what you'll find is universal agreement that an 'attitude of gratitude' benefits you in a multitude of ways. It stands to reason then, it is in your best interest to develop the ability to view the world in such a way. The question then becomes, "how do I do this?"

My formula is obvious. It is the title of the blog. But identifying a 'mode of being' isn't the same thing as employing that vehicle. Application becomes essential. You can know the right thing to do and still make a choice opposite of what that is. (having an affair is one easy example) So how do we create an environment where we curtail self-sabotage and begin a course of enhancing our quality of life? We purposely, persistently, and emphatically engage our experience as a GIFT. 

I understand how ludicrous that statement can appear. I attempted to address that dichotomy in the very first post of this blog. (Aurora, Co 7-20-12) Whether I was successful or not, the fact remains it is essential for you to devise strategies to withstand the problems life will (undoubtedly) bring you. Viewing every experience (eventually) as a gift is the doorway to gratitude and the means to facilitate the harmonics necessary to overcome destructive behavior.

The book, "Words Can Change Your Brain," (Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman) asserts "a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress. Positive words can alter the expression of genes, strengthening areas in our frontal lobes and promoting the brains cognitive functioning. They propel the motivational centers of the brain into action."

Can we agree the word "gift" carries a positive meaning? Can we admit "gratitude" is so beneficial we cant afford to limit its use? As we prepare for 2019 can we agree to do something favorable for ourselves? Something that promotes promising implications not only for ourselves, but our friends, family, significant others, careers, and health? If so, then we have a basis for an agreement and as good a start to 2019 as one could hope.

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