Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I will share one idea that, as far as I know, is singular to me. (meaning I have never read, heard, or seen the metaphor before) Imagine a snowflake in comparison to snow. In this context, know that science claims there has never been two snowflakes exactly alike. Ever! Since the beginning of time, wherever it has snowed, in all the snowstorms that have ever occurred, each snowflake has been unique. Inconceivable, right? That's what God is like.

Further, if one observes a snowflake, you could watch it land and not make the declaration, "snow."  Even if there were a dozen snowflakes on your front lawn, you wouldn't necessarily say, "snow." But when hundreds and thousands of snowflakes amass, then you confidently claim, "there is snow on the ground." That's what God is like.

Understand, in and of yourself, you are just an aspect of God, like a snowflake is an aspect of snow. You no more equate to being God as a snowflake equates to being snow. Yet, there is no snow without snowflakes. That's what God is like.

When you think in terms of me (snowflake) rather than we (snow) your perception is skewed. This is narcissism. Narcissism allows no room for God. It is the single snowflake declaring it is SNOW! This misperception then leads to mis-takes; as in the phrase, "take two," because you have fouled up the first scene. In this analogy, the director (God) is ever patient with you blowing a scene or misreading your lines. He knows, eventually, you will get it right. That's what God is like.

So, to recap, you are wonderfully unique. You are a miracle of singularity. As important is the understanding that the person beside you is as marvelously constructed as you are. To proclaim you are more than you are (snow) is a denial of that which you truly are. (snowflake) This is self-abnegation. It is at cross-purpose to why you exist. You are here to manifest an aspect of God. You are an important piece of an intricate puzzle. Not the puzzle, a piece. But the puzzle is incomplete without you. That's what you are like.

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