Thursday, July 14, 2016

Majorana Fermion

I've been reluctant to share this information with you. I read about it on June 28th and felt it had far reaching consequences regarding my post of June 21st, 2016. (Subtlety) But as I said in the June 23rd post, (Don't Believe Me?) I am reluctant to bring in "expert testimony." I feel as though my bona fides has long been proven. This blog is nearly four years old and I have been consistent as to it's intent. (GGG) I utilize science simply to put you in a context where mysticism isn't looked on as dubiously as it might. That said, lets look at what I have been so slow to share.

On June 22nd Shanghai Jaitong University put out a statement that Jia Jinfeng (and other Chinese scientists) had proven that the "majorana fermion" exists. I emphasis "proven" because a Princeton team of scientists had closed in to the point there was "compelling evidence." (2014) But up until June 22nd, it wasn't proven. That's important because it became newsworthy--and led me to seeing a story about it. (Uproxx 6-27-16 "How the Majorana Fermion Might Change the World.")

Now lets look at why the majorana fermion has the physics world abuzz. 1) It is it's own anti-matter. 2) It exists as both 0 and 1 in binary code simultaneously! 3) It makes quantum computers more practical and 4) is a possible explanation for dark matter.

Reading the argument presented in Subtlety for a 'one/none' or 'nothing/something' contradictory state of being now has a parallel in the scientific community. That is HUGE. The fact the post was written a day before the information came out is compelling. Truth is (and probably holds true for you) I had never heard of a 'majorana fermion' before.

What seems apparent is the baraka made use of me. (however reluctant I was) That an aspect of God wanted to be revealed. That the juxtaposition between what you might easily accept (science) versus what you might actively resist, (religion) has been laid bare. You do with that what you will.

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