Friday, June 17, 2016

No More Than Four

There is something utterly unique about the number four. Do you know what it is? Take your time and think about it. Take days if you have the discipline. It isn't something arbitrary or open to speculation. There is only one answer that fulfills the 'utterly unique' criteria. So, lets see how much thought you give this question before you look for the answer. (given below)

This is the type of attitude I need you to bring to this site. You must develop the ability to see beyond what you have been conditioned to see. That something 'utterly unique' is contained in these posts specific to you. If I'm not putting up new content doesn't mean your answer (or next step in the process) hasn't already been addressed. Make use of the archives. The 'arrow of time' is convenient for human understanding, but is irrelevant to God.

So, if you haven't already been exposed to this fact about 4, it is unlikely you will ever look at the number in the same way. Similarly, after a visit to this site, you wouldn't look at yourself in the same way, either.

One: has three. Two: has three. Three: has five. Four: has FOUR! Five: has four. Six: has three. Seven: has five. Eight: has five. Nine: has four. Ten: has three. Eleven: has it now? [letters = number]

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