Monday, June 13, 2016

Kick 'Em When Their Down

You are predisposed to, "blame the victim." This is known as the "Just World Fallacy." (Melvin J. Lerner and Carolyn H. Simmons 1966) Coupled with 'affect reaction' and 'negativity bias,' the difficulty in maintaining emotional balance is a daunting task. Be that as it may, I have suggested a way of handling it. G-G-G. But you have to put in the work.

Remember as a child the 'connect the dots' books? By following the dots one was able to produce a picture (drawing) of some animal or object. What was once a vague outline became something tangible. So it is with G-G-G. You have to connect the dots. Even when the outcome (picture) is murky, or in question, follow the dots! (there are now 360 of them)

Millions of years of evolution isn't something we can wave a stick at and, presto!, undo. Still, I have provided the quickest, most efficient way, of rewiring your neural net. Laugh at it, disparage it, revile it, but for God's sake (and yours) try it! If the last 'G' (God) is abhorrent to you, leave it out. Work with Gift and Gratitude. (the last G is simply a bonus anyway) But 'work' you must.

"Cognitive theories of emotion posit that affective responses may be shaped by how individuals interpret emotion-eliciting situations. This study tested whether individual differences in interpretation bias (i.e., interpreting ambiguous scenario's in a more negative or positive manner) independently predict trait resilience and depression in medical interns. Those with a more positive interpretation bias had a higher trait resilience and a 6-fold decreased depressive symptom risk during internship. The predictive power of interpretation bias for decreased depression symptoms held over and above initial depressive symptoms, demographics and trait reappraisal. Assessing positive interpretation bias may have practical utility for predicting future well-being in at risk populations." (see; Positive interpretations bias predicts well-being in medical interns. Birgit Kleim, Hanna Thorn, Ulrike Ehlert 6-24-14  Frontiers in Psychology)

Here is the thing...if you are depressed, or a victim, people will eventually determine your depression or victimization as your fault! (Just World Fallacy) That you're getting what you deserve. Guess how you are going to react to that? You are going to fall further into your depressed state. I wish more than that for you. I do not wish to give you my boot, but a boost. But you have to put in the work.

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