Saturday, September 5, 2015

That Tat

I admire Bekah Miles and I don't wish anything I am about to say to be interpreted as criticism. She is brave to have come forth publicly with her problem. That said, it is important you are aware that 'Save Me' is nothing more than a compelling, seductive, spiritual snare. Those with a conscious spiritual directive (as I assume those who come to this site have) would do well to avoid the pitfall of anything resembling a "messiah complex."

As spiritually driven individuals it is inherent in our nature that we reach out to help others. Success, however, can lead to credit oneself for that which Life does through us. Here the ego plays on our vanity and we start believing we're something we aren't. That it was our power (intellect, wisdom, character) that initiated the transformation, when, in fact, it was our ability to let God (Life) work unopposed by ego that brought about any particular change. Personal feelings of what is best for an individual must be set aside so that their truth emerges--not a confirmation of ours.

What I believe would be beneficial for Bekah to realize is: No one can do it for Bekah but Bekah, so 'Save Me' is misguided. I think she unconsciously realizes this because she is the only one able to read the message Save Me, while everyone else sees I'm Fine. (although it is interesting to me that I'm Fine is harder to detect [not as legible] as Save Me--again, an unconscious clue) The other revealing detail was her use of the word, should. ("when I know I should be happy") Should is a very restrictive word. It reveals how things are suppose to be. If things aren't that way, then something must certainly be wrong. And is so often the case, the individuals blame themselves. (there must be something wrong with me!) Should is a very harsh taskmaster. Much better is replacing the word should with could. Not only in this specific case, but in nearly all situations.


  1. Where have you gone? No new revelations or have you taken another path?

  2. 1) Thanks for asking! 2) Wish you had included your name 3) My political buttons are easily pushed. It is difficult for me to see the "gift" in American politics these days. 4) More mass shootings...I experience levels of despair with the madness rampant in my country. My very first post was about Aurora three years ago. 5) It's not that I am incapable of seeing despair as a gift, but it is the repetitiveness of the gift that I question. 6) Have I said all that needs to be said? 7) If I haven't, will it be understood any more than the 300 plus posts I have already shared? 8) If I have, nothing more is required. 9) "I don't know" is a legitimate place to be and that is where I currently reside. 10) Seriously, thanks for asking.

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