Monday, January 26, 2015


It is important to understand that no scripture, idea, concept, or person's opinion, can encompass the "totality" of what is referred to as 'God.' We simply don't know what we don't know. And unless you are God, how can you declare the extent or limitation of what is possible? Accepting our ignorance of the totality of God, we can then intellectually (and honestly) allow for individual manifestations of ASPECTS of that God. One need only study a snowflake in juxtaposition to 'snow' to glimpse the possible truth of such an idea.

Your paradoxical partner on your life's journey is your ego. On the one hand it will strife to glorify the self (look at me-me-me!). On the other, it will forever be whispering, "you're not good enough." This conflicted image of oneself can lead to a host of unwanted behaviors. While attempting to quiet the saboteur, you mimic actions contrary to self in hopes of acceptance. While desire for personal and social acceptance are powerful, if  'you' are misrepresented in the process what have you gained? Validation of the inauthentic self. This reinforces the subconscious tape, "I'm not good enough," and conflict continues. (neuroses)

Unifying contrary aspects of self begins with acceptance. Unless and until you come to terms with your behavior--be it lying, drug use, physical violence, infidelity, etc.--you give yourself  'permission' to continue said behavior. Denial and deflection are nothing more than "coping mechanisms" that allow a continuation of this false sense of self. (dichotomy) Only ownership of action can create the construct necessary for change.

The change we wish for is a cohesive demonstration of self. This must include an understanding of the spiritual component intrinsic to all human beings. Spirit is the traditional believe in a "vital principle or animating force within living beings." Spiritual then, is; "pertaining to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit or a spirit; not tangible or material." Disregard or dismissal of this fundamental part of our being leads to an incomplete, skewed view of who we are. This misunderstanding allows the ego a continued domination of interpretation regarding the events in our life.

Suppose, instead, entertaining the idea that you can manifest aspects of God--rather than your ego. Since the totality of the God we talk about is beyond our comprehension, we must allow for anything and everything being possible. Part of what is possible is tapping the unlimited potential that exists at the core of your being. You know its there. You've eyed it, whispered to it, even felt it from time to time. You've also been terrified of it because it removes all your excuses. It holds you accountable. It proclaims nothing is impossible if you apply all that you are and all that you wish to be. Truth be told, you prefer knowing its there than in putting it to the test. Because you know for a certainty that your ego will say you aren't good enough--and you'll believe that twice as fast and far easier than any silly notion about God. Which, unfortunately, answers any and all questions about the title of this post...

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