Thursday, July 3, 2014

Roll Credits

Gwenn Jones. Sorry if I'm being repetitive, but without Gwenn I would never have had the opportunity for a web site/blog. "Thanks" just doesn't cut it, as far as my gratitude goes. She was the sole source that made it possible.

Lance Buffington. A behind the scenes benefactor. Most recently sent money to cover the cost of the domain name registry--just in case I had a change of heart. Also added that if I didn't, to keep the money anyway. Lance was my "go to guy" when I needed critique about the vagary of my writing style.

God. Whatever He/She/It is, It was with me every step of the way. The artists, articles, and pictures  that came my way...inexplicable. The timing...exquisite. Flying by the seat of my pants didn't seem to pose a problem for Life.

To the artists...the music in particular was humbling. To uncover talent the likes of Mia Sable, Marie Digby, Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Yasmeen Amina Olya...mind-boggling. Even if the posts I produced were worthless, the music was worth the price of admission.

Me. Yep, I get some credit too. Like the little drummer boy in the Christmas tune of the same name, I didn't have a gift to bring that was fit for a king. Like him, I am a poor boy too. So I played my drum (this blog) for him. I played my best for him. Then he (through you, the reader) smiled at me--me and my drum.

Thank You. ~WPG

Update: 6:56 AM  Wow! Finished my post and went on-line to see the breaking news that Louie Zamperini passed this morning. On November 2nd, 2013, I posted "Unbroken" and selected a couple paragraphs from the book of the same name. The significance is, that post received (BY FAR) the largest number of "hits" of any post in the two years of this blog. (I even called Gwenn to see what was wrong!) Point is, Life apparently wanted Louie and his record setting number of hits in the "credits."


  1. Thank you P. Projects that promote long-term thoughtfulness are the best. I believe this encourages us all to Not take life for granted. As a reminder, shall we dedicate your former post to Louis Zamperini so all remember him:

  2. This must be Gwenn, as you are posting under my name. (can't believe anyone else could do that) Dedication to Louie? Have at it girl!