Friday, June 27, 2014

Evidence of God Part 2

Define: 1. a) to determine or set down the boundaries of b) to trace the precise outlines of, delineate 2. to determine or state the extent and nature of; describe exactly 3. a) to give the distinguishing characteristics of b) to constitute the distinction of; differentiate 4. to state the meaning or meanings of.

We face some problems here. To define God means placing boundaries, outlines, or extents, to something who's distinguishing characteristic is it doesn't have boundaries, outlines or extents. All is not lost. Read the following article.

First off, yesterday's dangling question (effect) is answered dramatically. To wit; "If you contemplate God long enough, something happens in the brain, neural functioning begins to CHANGE." (that dear readers, is most certainly an effect) But we said we had to define something to understand it. How do we define God?

"Our research has led us to the following conclusions: 2) Every human brain assembles it perceptions of God in uniquely different ways, thus giving God different qualities of MEANING AND VALUE."
(note--there are five conclusions; see link for the other four)

Newberg also states; "In fact, the more a person thinks about God, the more complex and imaginative the concept becomes, taking on unique nuances of meaning that differ from ONE INDIVIDUAL TO THE NEXT."

So, the definition of God is: there is no one definition of God.

Pat, Pat, you using sophistry! No, I am simply sharing with you what a neuroscientist came up with    from his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Truth be told, I had never heard of Andrew Newberg before yesterday. Regardless of how absurd it may seem, the only definition of God that matters is the one you hold in your head. And that definition is going to be different than mine (and his, hers, or theirs). This can debilitate you, or liberate you in ways unimagined. The gift is yours to do with what you wish.                 

(A review of the God section might be worthwhile)

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