Monday, June 23, 2014

As Good As It Gets

Well, Gwenn was busy over the weekend. She changed the header of the blog, enabling access in the future under WP Grogan (rather than Gift Gratitude God). What I do with it is moot. My intention is to bring it to a close--Gwenn's argument simply being access, and I have no problem with that. As I mentioned, the actual web site's domain name is not being renewed, so access to everything other than the blog ends July 3rd.

I do wish to explain the "goodness is great if you're good to yourself" quote on the header. It is from a "poem" (not sure it qualifies) in the About Me section. Written years ago as a post script to a friend, she responded favorably to the sentiment. It comes as close as anything else as a "motto" for what it is I promote. To save you time flipping to that section (and perhaps, a future visitor) I will include it here:

Goodness is great if you're good to yourself
And patience is fine if you give yourself time
Trust is must begin with yourself
Loving is due but don't forget about you.

I believe people sometimes get caught in the trap of being "nice." They do and say things they think others want or expect of them. Because the impulse is one of accommodation and not genuine service the ego will (eventually) demand compensation. The tendency then is toward resentment. Instead, the metaphor of a fruit tree illustrates the innate characteristic of "good works." Your nature is to give of yourself. It makes you feel good to do so.

Understanding your impulse, my effort is to refine this instinct to include yourself. Until you learn to be good to yourself, any thought of authentic goodness toward others is flawed. It is conditional and perpetuated only by acknowledgement or validation--rather than a realization of mutual benefit. Including yourself in the equation of being "good" goes a long way in sustaining efforts that fulfill you spiritually. It is a gift you give to yourself.

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