Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sabbath Psalm


How can anything hurt this much?
This blistering, burning vessel I've touched
Someone remove this cup from my lips
It's wrenching my soul to tattered strips

Depart. Be gone. Please let me be
Just let me die from this misery
Despair has come to claim his due
I never thought that he was you

Not Dowd! Not that. You don't comprehend
She's life, she's love, she's beginning and end
Without the dream of her these years
I'd never have crossed the Sea of Tears

I gave and gave, reached deeper still
I crossed your deserts and climbed your hills
Nothing was too great to ask
I always shouldered the toughest tasks

So this is what I get in turn?
Living water that burns and burns
Irons forged in some hades well
To scorch the soul condemned to hell

Then woe! to me and those I've known
Be damned good deeds that I have sown
I curse and swear at all I've done
There is no light, there is no sun

Just Emptiness who holds me near
She's not embarrassed by my tears
To cry and weep will make her whole
She too receives part of my soul

A foolish dream so ends in grief
Perceive it as a falling leaf
Then you'll know the times at hand
For one last thought before you land

Mine will be of an ocean shore
Before the Child had shut the door
And the vision that finally bowed
Retreated, expired...of Colleen Dowd.


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