Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sacred Feminine


There's a nova in her eyes
Ageless suns in an infant sky
Penetrating innocence on her two lips
Clarifications that literally rip
The cosmic dust off life-worn hearts
Shattering heavens while epiphanies start
To cascade lovingly on all around
Till you're enveloped in her sweet sound

O Goddess of passion and purity
Dual zenith of the mysteries maturity
On my horizon you ever loom
My heart and soul you have consumed

Split-tailed comet of Divine intercession
The galaxies march behind your procession
Of fiery head and tail of pure snow
In awed adoration of your perfect halo
Lady in passing, Queen of the Dawn
Ever forward I find myself drawn
Lady in waiting, Queen of the Night
Frozen, suspended; I worship your light 


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