Friday, July 19, 2013

Deliver Us From Evil

The lesson to be learned is that the reality of evil does not incapacitate us, rather it defines us. The contrast between what is, and what we believe in, is the trail of our "heroic journey." The way is marked for us by that which moves us. Can't stand arrogance? Stay humble. Abhor injustice? Be fair. Cringe and avoid liars? Tell the truth. Detest bullies? Stand up to them. Love a forgiving nature? Pardon. Touched by compassion? Be empathic. Believe in self-sacrifice? Flip the "m" in me upside down to become we. (see the last paragraph in "Perspective" of the God section of the web site)

In the post Thy Kingdom Come (5-16-13) I stated that if you were reading that post you had been called. Selected. Appointed. Anointed. I wasn't kidding. You are the one we have been waiting for.

Mount up...

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