Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes or No

When I am fortunate enough to hear a speaker like Damien, I immediately realize I am in church. It doesn't matter the surroundings or circumstances. I need no robes, pulpit or incense. I recognize a speaker of truth when I hear one.

In the GOD section I wrote: "That our truth isn't your truth does not invalidate our perception nor our experience; NEITHER DOES IT TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER YOUR TRUTH. But truth is the greatest gift I can offer you...and I offer you mine." Watching Damien Mander, I know he offered me his greatest gift and I am the better for it.

Do our priorities align? No they do not. Where he has chosen to apply his efforts lay far afield from my own. But when someone is that honest and authentic, Life is telling me to "get on board." It (Life) will provide something for me to do or say, change or endorse. It may be as simple as regarding my meals as a sacrament. The mindfulness that life must be sacrificed for my own life to continue. Or, if all else fails, could I not (at very least!) be a little more grateful for the food I eat?

Damien was a self-professed "special operations sniper." There is little doubt in my mind he has killed human beings. ("When things go bang, people die.") I don't believe he is ready to deal with that just yet. So he's become a passionate advocate for the animals. This is a good thing. God needs strong and courageous shepherds. And it is not in my province to question the means by which he or anyone else arrives at their truth. Only that they speak openly, fearlessly, and with integrity.

But I can and will speak to his yes or no question; I will be brave enough the next time an opportunity arises to make a difference. But it won't be restricted to animals.


  1. I couldn't agree more with your summation of Damien. I have never owned a firearm nor has there been one in my home. I could not kill another human being and I do not eat animals for more than half my life. I have no fear of dying because I don't believe in death of the soul. The body dies but the soul never does. I embrace my truth, which is faith in the Higher Power I address as God and I also respect others the right to embrace their truths. Man is created with free will and the right to exercise it. I comment as Anonymous but you know me as Joanne who loves enchanted forests.

  2. Yes, indeed I do. And can I add, such a pleasure to meet you. It seems I have uncovered another of God's "strong and courageous shepherds."

    1. The pleasure is mine as well, Pat :-)