Monday, February 18, 2013


Wow...there is no traffic on this blog site. I wonder what to make of that. Do I continue to indulge myself? As happy with it (the blog) as I am, and proud of the content, what point is there talking to myself? I have said follow your dream and don't worry about results---and that is true enough. Still, if the word goes forth and no one hears it, it simply dies on the wind. Mores the pity...

Where is this dance
And how is it done

What of the music
Laughter and fun

Who is the maestro
In charge of this tune

Why aren't there rainbows
And a promise of June

When is there rhythm
Or balance to glide

How does one locate
The currents to ride

To feel an expression
Of moon, star or sun...

Where is this dance
And how is it done


*Rachel D'Avino

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